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A.Rosario's Vivarium


Hi this is A.Rosario, i just sent u an email and forgot to attach the pics.
Wanted to add a thank you to my summary.
Jun Matsuzono, I just want to thank you very much for posting my pictures and for having such a fantastic site.
The following is what I just emailed you.

This is A.Rosario again with pics of my second vivarium/terrarium.This is a 55 gallon tank. I used the same method that I found on the Black Jungle Site. I added an extra pump besides the one for the water fall. It works an artificial rain feature that i built myself.

If you look at the top view pictures you'll see the 1" hose that goes around the inside lip of the tank. The pumps on a timer that goes on for a minute once a week. It draws water out of the resevoir, pumps it up into the hose, and squirts out of tiny holes that i drilled into the 1" tubing.
Works pretty good. =) The background is expanding foam covered in coco fiber and the bottom is a false bottom, I used the foam to create a "beach" that also doubles as a wall that seperates the land from the water/pool, I have a couple of drain tubes that I rigged up in the water/pool side that supplys water to the resivior, the plants are just every day house plants except for the pitcher plant and the orchid that just dropped its flowers, the frogs are doing great so I did something right!

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