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Bryson J's Vivarium

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Bryson J's Vivarium

This is my first vivarium I have built and it wont be the last. These are some pictures of a 50 gallon vivarium i built about three months ago.
It houses a couple pieces of cypress driftwood, two ficus pumila, two button ferns, one begonia raja, and a few other plants.
The bottom is coverd with terra lite and I built a drain under the tank to drain out any stagnant water.
It will house a pair of Surinam Cobalts that i will be getting this summer.

I have always had a strong passion for frogs and the rainforest and i always thought it would be great to have a little piece of that in my room;
so I did some research on how to build vivariums and i produced my first one.
Its not perfect, but its a start to a great hobby that i can continue for many years to come being only 19,

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