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Dominick Q's Vivarium

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Dominick, Belgium, 19 years

Here some photographs of my vivarium. It's my first vivarium with poison-frogs. I also keep or kept tortoises, tree-frogs, chameleons,... I bought this vivarium from a reptile shop in my neighbourhood. Then I decorated it by myself.

measurments: 80x50x80
The background and the waterfall is made of foam and was included in the vivarium.
On top of the filtersystem I placed turf-plates and treefern-cortex.

Plants: tillandsia, ferns, bromelia, java-mos
Animals: dendrobates auratus (2), dendrobates leucomelas(2), epipedobates tricolor(2)
Fogger, 3 fluorescent lamps (for plants and amphibians), 3 halogen lamps

Have fun!

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