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James T's Vivarium

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this is my first vivarium.i built it from old windows i found in the garbage.features 3 species of moss,several tropical plants and ferns,2 species of palm tree and a single bromeliad.its built in the dartfrog style(false bottom)but does not house frogs.im currently keeping a high blue sorong green tree python.i have a waterfall and fogger and the air is circulated with computer fans.while i was building this i came to your site every day for ideas and insperation and i was hoping that if it turned out well it may be shown on your site.i hope you think it deserves to be shown here and i now am hooked on vivariums and am currently on my second(larger one)thanks

i dont know if you posted my vivarium yet,but i realised that i forgot to add the specs.its 24 inchesx18x18 inches.custom built vivarium,exoterra waterfall pump and exoterra ultrasonic fogger.plants include,3 broms,1 korean rock fern,1 rabbits foot fern,hair cap moss,java moss,and pillow moss,1 ponytail palm,1 sago palm,jungle cactus,4 species of unknown airplants,2 spider plants,small leaf ivy,various collected litchens and mosses/algea,creaping fig and several unknown store bought and wild collected plants.tank misted by hand and is heated with a human electric heatpad placed underneath the tank connected to a thermostat.basking heat for snake provided through a ceramic heater.lighting is provided by 1 20 watt esu reptile uv,full spectrum compact florecent and 2 18" 15 watt GE full spectrum florecent tubes.air is circulated by small computer fan on a timer and small air pump connected to aquarium tubing directed at inside of glass,provides airflow to prevent glass from fogging.animals housed are one chondropython virdis(sorong green tree python)and one baby green tree frog that i introduced last week to eat the fungus gnats and springtails that have overrun my vivarium,i will remove him once the fungus gnats are all gone.my names is james tarpey and i live in new jersey usa.this is my first vivarium and im now currently building my second larger one to house a colony of thumbnail dart frogs..

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