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Jonatas's Vivarium

October 18 2006
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Hello There!

How are you? My name is Jonatas S.C., I live in South Florida, USA
I am a big fan of your website and for a long time I have checked all the awesome pictures of all the great tropical vivariums posted there.
Recently I decided to join this hobby, and so I took two 50 gallon tanks, and made one big vivariums by putting all the glasses together.
The background is stirofoam and dirt glued with sylicon, there is a waterfall and a fogger below the water fall.
The plants are a few bromeliads, ferns, vines, and moss. So far I am housing 4 mantellas. 2 green mantella, 1 orange mantella, and 1 painted mantella. I am hoping to soon house a few other small frogs, such as dart frogs.
You can post the pictures that are attached to this email if you want, it would be an honor to be in your great website!


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