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Mat Chartier's Vivarium

June 21st2005
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Hi all,

I just want to say that this is a great site that shows the diversity of vivariums from around the world. This is my second attempt for a vivarium for my dart frogs. It is a 72 gl. bow front. There is a false bottom, that houses a water pump, a 75watt aquarium heater, and two air stones to help circulation. All of the above equipment is accessed from behind the cork rounds in the right corner. Search for two weeks for two rounds that could reach from the bottom to the top so no inhabitants can get behind into the equipment. The water pump goes into a splitter (used for drip irregation) that has 4 lines going out into the "Great Stuff" backwall that is covered in coco-bedding. The plants that are the following:

3- Crypanthus Black Night
2- Neo. fireball/liliputiana
1- Golden tipped club moss
2- tillandsia Bulbosa
2- Noe. Red Birds
1- unknown Brom that was taken from my first viv.

Substrate above the false bottom is a layer of river stones, then a layer of spagnum moss, and then Rainforest substrate (from T & C Terrariums). Any question or comments feel free to contact me at matchartier@hotmail.com.

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