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Miecho's Vivarium



I'm from Poland.
My nick in internet is Miecho or Miecho_I, and my favorite forum about aqua plants is http://holenderskie.pl/forum.

It is my first paludarium, I need some sugestion about this.

Paludarium's dimensions:
110cm hight and with 90cm width wall's light 1x24W T5 965 i 1x54W T5 865

50cm hihgt, walls are same size.
capacity 290l
light 1x39W T5 865 on the front, [ta the (over) water] /umieszczone and woda- placed above water/

pictures from 07/04/2006, 13/10/2006 and 24/11/2006 if you need, edit it :p

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