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N. Ferraz's Vivarium

May 1st2005
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Hi I recentley sent you some pics of my new vivarium. These are more recent and have 2 more mounted bromeliads.
Thanks, I love your gallery.

bilow is copied from the last message Jan.27th2005

Hi this is my second Vivarium and has been up and running for 1 month. My first Vivarium was built using an old 50 gal aquarium with a separate land area but it proved not to be tall enough for my Red eyes and I had some problems with the drainage and other things so I decided to build one from scratch. It is a 100 x 100 x 40 cm custom built enclosure which also works as a rainchamber with 2 sliding front doors. It is all glass with false bottom.

Technical data
- False bottom ( egg crate covered with fiberglass sheet for drainage)
- Humus and large gravel substrate
- Custom built cork back wallp - 2 Waterfalls( 1 custom built from PVC and one section of the cork panel as the second waterfall)
- 2 PC fans blowing warm air down from light source
- Daytime temp - 24C
Nightime temp - 19C
Water temp - 28C
Humidity - 70%

Water Section
- filtration is custom built from tupperware boxes and 1 1000 l/h maxijet pump ( Filter the water and runs it directly to the 2 waterfalls,each with a valve for adjusting the water circulation in each waterfall
- Driftwood as land area edge

Land Area
- Liana vines
- Ficus plant
- Pothos
- orchid?
- mosses (two tropical species and some java moss)
- bromelaid

- Neon tetras
- Pristelas
- Carnigellas
- Buenos Aires Tetras
- Tanichtys
- Corydoras Shwarzi
- Golden nugget
- 2 Red eyed tree Frogs

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