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Nikolai's Vivarium

June 22nd2005


my name is Nikolai.
ILd like to send You some pix of the first vivarium ILve set up.
I bought it from a friend.
The first setup was with the Spathiphyllum in the left and the Bromelaid in the right back corner. It looked very boring.
So ILve tuned it a little bit.
ILve put in some airplants ( on the wood) , a fern, some live moss (out of our garden) and one further bromelaid.

Technical Data:
false bottom
80W basking spot
TerraPlus Fog Master
27C (day)
19C (night)
70 - 85 %
Anolis carolinensis 1,1
D. azureus 1,0
Greetind from Germany,

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