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Troy's Vivarium

May 30 2006

SPecs on the Tank...
40 gallon wide 36 inces long x 18inches deep x 12 inches tall
false bottom design with a small river seperated by two pieces of plexi siliconed in place, with a pump and fogger to go along.
the backround is a cork flat that was siliconed in(i will soon be adding tillandsias to the back)
bomiliad, ivy,philodendron, and other assorted plants. the moss is fern moss i purchased from moss acres.
I just put the frogs in last week, the tank has been growing 4 weeks prior from when i put them ,the tank and animals seem to be doing great.( besides some female's wrestling)
the animals in the tank are 5 D. Tinctorius Blue and Green Sipaliwini morph... there are 2 males and 3 females. the females are starting to fight so i am in the process of building another tank for them to breed in.
also i was wondering if you would like me to post some of my paintings... i am an oil painter and my major subject material is PDF's and Red eye tree frogs.. let me kno and ill send them to you if you would like.( you can see one of the paintings behind the tank its a D. NIkita

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